Infographic: Fast 4 Energy and Utilities Cloud Security Facts

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Privilege escalation of valid accounts is an increasingly common tactic used by malicious actors targeting the energy and utility sectors. 41% of data breaches in OT were a result of compromised credentials. The energy sector has the second highest data breach cost, with an average of $6.39 million per incident. The energy sector is in the top 3 sectors targeted for cyber attacks. Less than 1% of permissions granted are used. This gap causes vulnerabilities in critical cloud infrastructure. Visit for resources and more information. © 2021 CloudKnox Security, Inc. All rights reserved. Cyber-criminals are on a mission – they're following the money, right to your institution. And they're finding it faster, as the Energy & Utility sectors move more operations to the cloud. Where are the easy pickings, and how can you guard against cyber-attacks? Take a look at the Fast 5 Facts of cyber-attacks in Energy & Utility sectors – then read on to learn more about a new way to protect against the NEW #1 risk to your firm's cloud infrastructure – human and machine identities with excessive high-risk permissions. Discover more ... Excessive permissions in cloud infrastructures are a leading cause of cyber-attacks in the Energy & Utility sectors. Don't let your institution fall victim to these risks: reduce your attack surface by enforcing the principle of least privilege, ensuring human and machine identities have only the permissions they need to get the job done - and nothing more. Secure your critical cloud infrastructure with the CloudKnox Cloud Permissions Management Platform and gain the ability to automate the creation and enforcement of least privilege policies across your hybrid or multi-cloud environments. FAST 5 FACTS FOR Energy & Utility Sectors C L O U D S E C U R I T Y Lorem ipsum Source Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020 Source F-Secure Energy Report Source Deloitte Source Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Source CloudKnox Security

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